Bryn Pennetti

Age 18 -
Painting-Drawing-Collage -
Parsons Student 2018

Anonymous said: your boyfriend likes to cross-dress

lolno check your facts

Anonymous said: Why do you only do naked women and not men? Is something about it more difficult?

I’ve been drawing women (not naked) since I was young and I just think they are so much more interesting than men. Women are curvy and soft and colorful and can make such cool shapes with their bodies. I find men to be rigid and hard to draw. They dont have many curves and they look less interesting to me as an artist. Its hard for me to create an organic form that has so many straight lines and muscles to identify, and I have not studied the male form enough to do this well, so I’ve steered away from drawing men personally. 

But because of this, I have SUCH a hard time drawing men and its something I really need to work on. 

Old Sketchbook
colored pencil and acrylic on paper